Monday, 17 October 2016

Changes to DepList site

JotForm, the outfit that we have used for some years to create our contact forms, advertising forms, and all manner of other forms, has restructured its pricing plans recently. It is US-based, and it has imposed the kinds of charges that have become prohibitive for a non-commercial organisation like ours, what with Brexit and the falling value of the pound. We can continue to use JotForm for our existing contact forms, but we can no longer create new forms or receive more than 10 paid adverts per month without incurring high charges. Clearly, we need to change the way we do things! So just as we recently moved our servers from America back to Britain, where hosting is half the price, we're now going over to a Wordpress-based system for our forms. They don't look as pretty, they're a lot more trouble to create, and they don't have as many facilities as JotForm's forms, but at least we won't have to raise our advertising fees for the time being, even though we will no longer be offering free trial adverts for first-time users, as from today. After 16 years, I don't think DepList has to establish its credentials, and I reckon most people in the business have heard of us now so there is no need to make as much effort to get our name out there and attract sceptical customers. Your bookmarks will need updating as and when we replace our old forms with new ones. So far, all of our advertising forms have been replaced except those for Associate Members, which will stay as they are until such time as JotForm increases its restrictions yet further.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The Beauty of the Human Voice

Elisabeth Meister was for several years a DepList member during the early part of her career. Hear her on the beauty of the human voice. (You will need to sit through an advert before the video starts.)