Monday, 19 September 2011

Forms Are Working Again

Our forms are working now. Read about what happened here.

I wouldn't have noticed that the Jotform service had gone down, if it weren't for an Associate Member who sent me a letter (yes, on paper — in an envelope — with a first-class stamp on it!!), telling me that our site wasn't working, and would I please send out his urgent advert. I've now added our email address to our contact page (I'd removed it when I put up the form, thinking an email link would be less convenient than the instantly fillable form), but it's good to know that snail mail still has its uses. And I've also learned that forms are not entirely reliable as a means of communication; emails are still needed as backup.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Form server is down

Jotform, the service we use for our online forms has not worked properly for a couple of days. The Jotform team is working to resolve the problems. Please would any user who is having problems accessing our forms try the following.

(1) Look at the address in your browser bar. You will see something like this:

(2) Change the com to net so that it now looks like this:

It will still be slow, but at least it should eventually show up. If that fails, you can email me here with your urgent adverts. For other types of forms, try again tomorrow!