Monday, 12 December 2011

Let's Make DepList even Busier

I have never known DepList as busy as it has been this December. We've been averaging half a dozen jobs per day, which is normally our weekly average during the rest of the year (except at Easter). Yet no matter how many jobs come in, they all seem to get filled. If you have found DepList useful, please spread the word. We're always happy to consider new membership applications from suitably qualified candidates, and the more job offers come in the happier our members will be. Outside advertisers can have one free advert to see how effective DepList is.

I would like DepList to spread its wings instead of sitting firmly within the M25, where it seems to be stuck at present. What about our other capital cities in the United Kingdom? And our cathedral cities and university towns. If you are a choral director or organist based in other parts of Britain and you run a professional choir or use professional singers, I'd love to hear from you. And please tell the pro singers in your area about DepList. Yes, DepList will probably always remain London-based, because that's where there are the most job opportunities, but there's no reason why other regions shouldn't use the system too.