Saturday, 27 August 2011


From now on I shall try to post monthly stats of the number of adverts that go through DepList. I may also include end-of-week updates on Twitter. This year's total number of adverts so far is roughly 255.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Amazingly, it's taken eleven years for another online singers' depping service to come into being in the UK. DepForMe has found a way of using Twitter to do what we do with email messaging. Theirs is a free and unrestricted service, and DepList members who use Twitter may like to become followers.

However, I have no plans to add a Twitter option to our own messaging service. A protected Twitter account can't do what we want without retweets. We'd need a protected account in which approved followers (i.e. DepList Members) could tweet/retweet to their fellow followers only, and that doesn't seem to be something that's possible within the Twitter model. Our members don't generally want to advertise jobs outside our membership, so a protected account would be essential for us. Quality control and a regulated, approved membership are part of what makes us different and attractive to our users. We have over the years developed quite complicated systems to ensure that only those who are sufficiently skilled and experienced should be allowed to join (and remain on) DepList. In an ideal world, everyone who wanted to join DepList would be admitted and we would never have to remove people from our List. But depping is a multi-skilled pursuit, and not everyone has all the requisite skills and experience. Employing an untried and untested dep is a risk. It's the minimisation of those risks that users of our services are prepared to pay for.

But it's good to be reminded of Twitter's usefulness as a marketing tool.